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Pro Custom Painters CO Residential Homes, Houses Colorado

Colorado Residential Painting Services

Pro Custom Painters of Colorado offers a variety of Interior and Exterior painting services for your home and house related structures. Our professional painters "paint everything home" to cover all your property needs! Our family owned and operated company has the experience, diversity, and speciality workers to help your home painting project be realized in all facets. We are known for being specialized in staining and chinking of Log Homes & Cabins along with our expertise and savvy in general house painting. Additionally, our team is very proficient and experienced with various restoration needs for log homes and cabins. All of our projects are custom touched to your needs!

Our painting team will bring your project full circle while maintaining a safe working environment and executing a top-notch quality finished job. We will guide you with selecting the best suited interior and exterior paint mediums for the specific project at hand. This process involves understanding previous layered paints/stains used, the home's base material mediums, area seasonal weather considerations and design preferences. These, and additional factors, are dependent on producing lasting applications for quality, performance, and stability along with considerations toward future maintenance costs.

Residential Painting ServicesResidential Interior & Exterior Painting ServicesHome Painting Services Colorado

Colorado Residential Painting and Staining Services

Painting Maintenance ServicesEquipment, Products, & Maintenance ServicesColorado Painting Company

Pro Custom Painters offers Interior & Exterior painting services throughout Colorado to service various project home needs. Our team experience ranges from whole house to related property structures such as fences, sheds, barns including unique extras such as cement floor sealing, attic spaces, and atriums. We service New and Existing home structures along with providing a full-scope of painting and staining needs to execute your desired residential painting project full circle.

Our team has extensive speciality experience in staining and chinking of Timber Homes. And although this is our most requested painting service, we are equally experienced in many New and Old Architectural style home types such as split-level, ranch, farm, bungalow, modular, contemporary, etc.

We consider all different project sized jobs for service request. Home Related Structures are generally, but not always, included as add-ons within larger projects. Please review our service offerings to learn more about the scope of our services.

Residential House Painting & Staining Services for project tasks we perform:

  House Interior & Exterior
  details House Painting Interior Exterior Colorado We use several types of painting application methods and techniques to cover various Interior and Exterior surfaces. This includes using manual and mechanical tool methods such as brush-on painting, roll-on painting, and spray-on gun painting.

Depending on the surface, spacial area, structural design, and surface materials, we will use the best suited paints and tools to address the substrate at hand based on our inspection and assessment.

Our seasoned team has a diverse understanding of substrate types and applied paints along with their specific benefits and uses. Some of the most popular and various types of paints that we use to address particular substrate needs are Latex, Acrylic, Enamel, etc. and their sub-classes such as gloss, satin, flat, matte, etc.

Although we advocate for use of Sherwin-Williams® brand paint products, we also use several other brands as needed for the coating task at hand or as preferred by request of a customer.
Refer to our FAQs section to learn more details about different aspects of our services.
  Log Home/Cabin Interior/Exterior
  details Log Home Staining Interior Exterior Colorado We use several types of staining mediums, related materials and tools to coat and apply onto various Interior and Exterior surfaces of handcrafted or machine milled wood logs. This includes using the most suitable manual and mechanical tools such as brushes, rollers, sprayers, chink tools and guns, sanders, blasters, etc.

Depending on the type of wood surface, spacial area, structural design, and in-use materials, we will use the best suited stains and tools to address the wood substrate at hand.

Our seasoned team has a diverse understanding of various timber wood types and applied stains along with their specific benefits and uses. Some of the most popular and various types of log home materials that we use to address particular wood needs are Washes, Preservatives, Stains, Finishes, Chinking, Sealants, etc. and their related varieties.

Although we advocate for use of Sherwin-Williams® brand paint products, we also use several other brands as needed for the coating task at hand or as preferred by request of a customer.
Refer to our FAQs section to learn more details about different aspects of our services.
  Home Related Structures
  details House Related Structures Colorado We offer a variety of Home / Property related structures for painting and staining for various medium surfaces including wood, stucco, vinyl, cement, metal, etc.

These structures include but are not limited to:
- Garages
- Barns & Sheds
- Decks & Stairs
- Patios & Walkways
- Fences & Lamp Posts
- Gazebos & Courtyards
- Greenhouses & Grow Boxes
- And other items you may request!

Service Note: some additional related structure items for service may warrant inclusion within larger project requests.
  Home Uniques Areas
  details House Unique Areas Colorado We additionally address your painting needs for unique spaces within your home. As these areas are unique in type, shape, size, location, etc., we understand the importance of including them within general painting tasks or for routine maintenance and protection concerns along with their role in overall aesthetics.

We perform different types of painting and sealing for various surface uses such as waterproofing, preserving, or re-coating needs.

These areas include but are not limited to:
- Atriums & Balconies
- Basements & Cellars
- Cement Floors & Walls
- Attics & Lofts
- Stairwells & Crawl Spaces
- And other items you may request!
  Structure Make-Ready Prep
  details Structure Make-Ready Prep Colorado As part of the painting process, we prepare structure paint surfaces for all Interior and Exterior coatings to be applied. Our goal is to ensure a smooth even finish that is aesthetically pleasing and protected properly.

This process entails pre-paint quality checks to inspect all surfaces including hardware attachments to address any imperfection items requiring correction in preparation for coating such as unevenness, cracking, chipping, denting, marring, holes, etc.

We then employ corrective measures to prep the structure surfaces as needed. Areas that need more concentrated surface preparations will be addressed accordingly.

These items include but are not limited to:
- Hardware Inspection/Removal (nails, handles, plates, etc.)
- Cleaning / Pressure Washing
- Scraping, Patching, Sanding, Blasting
- Dust & Debris Removal
- Priming & Caulking
- Followup Inspection to ensure all areas are addressed
- Protect unpainted areas with protective coverings
- Re-attach essential hardware after the painting & drying process
  Maintenance & Preservation
  details Home Maintenance & Preservation Colorado We offer various maintenance and preservation services to aide in the upkeep of your home and its related structures.

We help take care of your home to prevent depreciation and to maintain, protect, and prolong the life of your home condition from wear and tear, weathering, deterioration, unforeseeables, etc.

Painting, staining, and log home and cabin chinking are generally our most requested restoration services for keeping homes in good condition. We provide seasonal maintenance packages tailored to your needs. Refer to our Maintenance Section to learn more about this service.

Service Note: some additional related structure items for service may warrant inclusion within larger project requests.

PCP is very skilled in different types of substrate surfaces and their required coating needs. Before painting Interiors or Exteriors of homes, we consider the substrate surface and their different structural materials. We examine all area surfaces to be coated for recommendation of the best and most effective suited coating mediums to be applied.

This detailed inspection also contributes to aiding in the various items to address for interior or exterior surface preparation make-ready process that we will complete before commencing coating tasks to ensure painting process efficiency.

These steps are very important in determining end product selections for productive use in coating and pre-coat priming needs to achieve surface protection, adherence, and performance.

We also take the time to carefully cover up unpainted exposed areas with masking, cloths, plastics, etc. Protection covering also extends to the landscape and traffic areas too. When assigned tasks are finished, we completely cleanup all property areas.

Our Service Promise and Gratitude
"We are committed in our pledge of quality assurance to provide you our best performance of excellence."
We understand the importance of taking good care of our customer's property of whom have entrusted us with its care and we respect the confidence they have given us. On behalf of our Team, we kindly thank you for consideration in allowing us to provide you our painting services!

Painting Service Colorado

"Our maintenance philosophy
applies a proactive approach
verses a reactive approach
when addressing home care
upkeep and protection needs."

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Home Care Maintenance

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Residential Painting Service Colorado

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PaintCare Stewardship Program

Our seasoned experience lends to the in-depth understanding in using quality supplies, paint products, and equipment along with their important role in executing a superior paint job. When PCP evaluates a paint project, we consider all the best options for equipment and products suitable for use with your project specifications. Our goal is to provide the most optimal effective items to address a smooth work flow with high performance.

During the on-site assessment phase, PCP pays close attention to details that will impact the overall productivity process and end result. This includes various notations for tool needs such as sizes and types, coating mediums applicable for substrate surfaces, specific aided equipment for spacial dimensions, etc. These consideration measures ensure our painting techniques are done correctly, efficiently, and lend to aesthetically pleasing results.

Maintenance Services are offered for New and Existing customers. We service a variety of Home buildings and related structures including Timber Log Homes. Preserving, restoring, and caretaking of residential properties is an instrumental part of what we do in our business.

We understand the importance of on-going home upkeep as it is beneficial and essential to sustaining its longevity and keeping your asset healthy. Likewise, as with our Initial project assigns for service, PCP offers free consultations, estimates, and project management oversight.

Our Home Care Maintenance Services provide:

  • onsite visit walk through assessments
  • report of issues to address - present & future
  • discussions and recommendations for upkeep
  • plan for use of materials and equipment needs
  • plan of action schedules for tasking priorities
  • customized seasonal maintenance packages
  • cost estimate for maintenance care needs

Pro Custom Painters has vast experience working with many different residential type homes. Whether your home is 50 years old or 3 years old, we have the experience to implement modern and/or conventional method techniques to address your routine servicing for maintenance and preservation needs.

Our experience in the painting and coating industry entails many years of hands-on restoring throughout various seasons. We are very familiar with and have addressed a wide range of Coloradan weather and seasonal issues lending to accumulated expertise in dealing with the unique Colorado conditions.

When you consult with us for your maintenance needs, whether its a conventional frame home or timber home, we will share our unique experience insights specialized for your Colorado home needs.

Contact Us if you would like to schedule a Home Care Maintenance Plan or simply to address any immediate concerning need for care of your home. PCP can also provide seasonal inspections.

We think you will be pleased with the wide scope of home care maintenance services that we can offer you while being competitive in cost along with providing convenient service plan schedules and optimized packages.
"Expertise, Integrity, Experience"

Colorado Springs residential painting service

“We had a very good experience working with Chris and his team. We appreciated that they were kind to our needs and always kept us informed. They did a super job painting our home! We are pleased that we followed up on our neighbor's referral, these guys knew what they were doing!” —Karin, Salida Colorado

Colorado Home Painters Colorado Home Stainers

“Maintenance on our log home was overdue. The work Pro Custom Painters did staining and rechinking our home turned out quite nice. They were generous with their time and left our property in good condition. Thank you all for your great work!” —James, Fairplay Colorado

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