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FAQs - PCP Colorado Residential Painting Service

Our Faqs page for Questions & Answers is provided to help guide, clarify, and share an extended understanding of our company and painting services offered within Colorado. We realize the importance of informing and conveying a good understanding about our service offerings, general practices, painting industry knowledge, and addressing essential frequently asked questions as being "key to connecting" with customers.

We hope you find the Frequently Asked Questions info provided helpful toward making informed service choices for your upcoming home painting project! We encourage you to Contact Us for any requested guidance or other questions, concerns, or required needs you may have about acquiring our residential painting services. We are glad to help you with any information we can provide to aid toward a smooth transition into servicing your needs!

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Painting Industry ProcessePainting Industry Processes & FactsPainting Services Colorado

Colorado does not require painting companies to be contractor licensed within the State. However, business creditability requirements are needed for proof of company existence.

A responsible painting company must carry general business liability insurance and be registered as a current operating business at the Colorado Secretary of State.

Additionally, some city and county areas within Colorado require Business Licensing Operating Registrations for taxation purposes to conduct business within certain state district areas.

Pro Custom Painters is business liability insured, SoS in-state LLC registered, and operating license taxation registered in required areas for conducting business within the State of Colorado.

Yes we do. All work we perform has some degree of warranty available depending on the job components of performed tasks completed.

1 Year WarrantyGenerally, a 1 year performance warranty is included within our Estimates, however, more warranty can be attained at additional cost. In addition, PCP chooses superior products for use that provide their own performance warranty benefits.

PCP has a high success rate of low warranty issues due to our vast experience and knowledge of quality high-performing dependable products, industry painting standards, and superior workmanship.

Yes and No, depending on specific customer's needs. We do work with various profession licensed contractors on a on-going basis as well as network with several preferred companies and can confidently recommend external contractors for specific project task needs.

We are familiar with many contractors throughout the State of Colorado from our long-term history of painting for over 2 decades specific to Colorado. However, many customers also have their own preference selections or on-going retained contractors they use on a general basis who tend to their home.

PCP can help recommend or work in conjunction with pre-selected contractor types for however the work flow requires. We can also oversee, coordinate, and manage our working team together to ensure a smooth project flow and completion.

All of our painters are experienced or significantly well trained. Our team members have prior experience or current in-progress experience in the painting industry. Some have more extensive experience and training and others learn through programs and provided materials along with additional team hands-on guidance.

PCP has set Standard Operating Procedures and protocols for our painting methods and also provides specific and preferred guidance to inform all team members about our proven PCP Methodology to ensure successful project outcomes.

Owner and Operator, Chris Simmons, provides top-notch project quality assurance by personally guiding team members, on-site supervising every project and provides overall project management oversight from job start to job finish.

Once we receive a Home Project Request for residential painting, PCP will contact you to discuss and consult with you about your project requirements. If both parties feel comfortable with moving forward, we then schedule a guided On-Site Estimate visit to your home to examine, assess, and understand the specifics of your project needs to incorporate into the Estimate.

PCP Consult & Estimate
During the home visit, we also make note of the home's physical layout and spacial areas, make sizing measurements as needed along with determining paints & primers and required quantities, tools and equipment for use, additional supplies, cleaning and prep needs, etc. that will be best suited for recommendation use within your home.

We discuss in detail with you about cost arrival taking into consideration your budget, our service costs, supplies and materials, time allotment, etc. We will also discuss the 10-15% Down Payment requirement to schedule and hold painting services for our mutual commitment. Once details are finalized and the Estimate is approved by you, we will commence to a working schedule and come paint your home.

PCP adheres to project quoted Estimates, however, we understand situational extenuating circumstances can arise during the tasking process such as unforeseeables or items that need urgent addressing. We will notify you of any encounters and discuss your desired course of action along with adjusted time scheduling and cost concerns. Additional cost items will be identified in writing and included in the final project cost upon invoicing.

Industry painting standards can be broadly interpreted, differ, and be utilized quite differently between companies.

Our company adheres to various standards in conjunction with tried and true methods of norm standards. We advocate strongly for and utilize the Painting Contractors Association (PDCA) long-standing and proven set standards established for professional house painters. We respect their on-going dedication, committed efforts, core values, and their continuous exemplary contributions to providing educational assets to the painting industry on the whole.

1 Year Warranty

We acknowledge and adhere to general common painting standards accomplished through industry on-the-job work experiences along with the established proven methods of professionally recognized industry companies.

Additionally, we also utilize resource standards of highly renown, credible, approved industry suppliers such as Sherwin-Williams™ for product use guidelines and protocols to best implement techniques suited for certain application procedures.

PCP understands that being open to and adapting new evolving methods and diversity can be beneficial in streamlining work-flow and costs. Likewise, understanding and being seasoned in conventional methods also has its advantage place in the painting industry. We are both and all of these, proudly offering a well-rounded service to the painting industry.

Yes we do. We are glad to offer color consultation to help you with addressing your color needs for coating tasks. First, we discuss your preferences for your needed inside or outside environments suitable to color scheme for decor, lightening, landscape, structural materials, etc. Arriving at final choices will additionally be based upon our analyzation and assessment walk through together to understand these parameters.

Once your color scheme is identified or any decorative finishes, we can then discuss the best suited and most effective coating mediums along with specific products for covering. This also includes informing about pre-coat treatments such as washes, primers, preservatives, etc. to optimize and protect your final surface material coatings.

Color-DesignWhether you have existing color choices, looking for new choices, have existing paint chips, or looking to complete a partial or full color scheme, PCP can provide assistance to guide you with application choices. We will work with you by providing color charts and paint samples of your preferred product choices and help you coordinate your color schemes. We will also inform you of the Pros and Cons for different products, their varieties, effectiveness, ingredients, warranties/guarantees, etc.

And, if you already have colors in mind and just need some suggestive ideas or confirmation if your color scheme is optimal for the inner or outer environments, PCP can help with suggestions for that too. If you need to match existing paint colors, we can help by comparing paint chips or left over paints and stains to in-store existing color panels and/or paint types, additional color charts, samples, etc.

We always suggest for customers to visit their desired or nearby paint stores to inform themselves of products and color. Many stores have displays that present color wheels, paint samples, product varieties, product info, etc. These can help aid and clarify understanding of painting mediums and color schemes to help in the introductory process of painting for interior and exterior coatings.

PCP has extensive years of experience with custom interior and exterior painting of buildings within Colorado which has enabled us to offer our expertise and insight to aid in smart painting and staining choices. Our team is available to discuss the many options that can be suitable for your requirements.

At Pro Custom Painters our philosophy to painting maintenance is simply prevention. We believe in a proactive approach to Home Care Maintenance in addressing the initial coatings and upkeep of on-going coatings for painting and staining.

Often times we see pre-painted homes that have not been properly protected in the early stages of coating applications. This generally applies to older homes or previous services not taking precautions to correctly preparing and protecting the base surface materials prior to final coatings. This can also arise from cutting costs, not being informed of protective measures, and home turnovers.

Home Care Painting Maintenance Colorado

When we see these types of situations arise due to the lack of corrective measures, its almost assuredly a reactive situation will occur at some point that will need to be addressed immediately depending on the actual condition of circumstances. This in turn can be very costly and time consuming to remedy.

Not only do we recommend proactive actions from the start of new homes but a continued proactive approach throughout the life of the home including previous built homes continuing on-going preventions. Just as importantly, we strongly recommend keeping up on routine Seasonal Home Inspections as well as implementing original Home Buyer Inspections.

Home Care Painting Inspection Colorado

Many factors can change and impact a home over time affecting other conditions that may be in the beginning stage to occur or may be unknowingly pre-existing. Many situational problems can arise from not conducting annual inspections such as termites finding their way into various substrates, moisture from weather conditions proliferating mold onto various substrates, paint cracking and peeling of surfaces, etc.

Fortunately, many problematic conditions can be avoided by simply exercising best practices of proactive measures to protect your asset to avoid costly remedies to restore. PCP has over 2 decades of experience dealing with and actively helping homes be prepared ready for avoiding these types of mishaps.

We highly recommend that home owners have their home thoroughly checked out for any possible and/or existing issues prior to using our services for providing inform of current conditions.

PCP team is available to consult with you and proactively help you avoid and address problems that may occur by preparing your substrate surfaces for these issues. Our team can also assist with recommendations for contractors and testing services to address remediations and advanced inspections.

Simply put, Sherwin-Williams™ is a leading painting industry pioneer of everything painting. A long standing highly innovative company offering their speciality engineered high quality brands throughout the world. This respected company has revolutionized and evolved the painting industry and product standards to exceptional levels of performance along with a strong educational knowledge base benefitting the whole of the industry and consumers alike.

Please watch the video below to learn about Sherwin-Williams™ evolved history and contributions to the painting industry.

Pro Custom Painters highly recommends Sherwin-Williams™ for their remarkable products that embed longevity, environmental sustainability, high performance, high standards and innovation, diversive uses, quality supplies and equipment, resources, and much more!

Sherwin-Williams ProThis company is a preferred go-to paint brand that we trust in, rely on, and know that our customers are in good hands with when utilizing Sherwin-Williams™ products for their homes.

As a Pro+ Member, we have personally experienced a very high rate of success and satisfaction of using their high quality products. And, we often hear from our customers a sincere "thank you" for having recommended the Sherwin-Williams™ company.

Yes we do. Pro Custom Painters embraces the "Go Green Initative" and we are always conscientious about using green products to better the world environment. We encourage and advocate for use of Low VOC Eco Friendly paints and stains when possible as suggested by concerned environmental agencies and compliant industry related brands such as Greengard, EPA-Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado Air Control Quality Commission, Sherwin-Williams™, Penofin, Behr, Albatron, Perma-Chink, etc.

Eco Friendly Colorado
PCP respects our customer's choices in their product selections and also understands the various why & why not reasons and circumstances with concerns in selecting specific products for use. We also understand the impact of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) long term exposure effects which is why we recommend Low to No VOC products for use when most specifically applying to Indoor Environments.

VOCs are unfortunately a part of many products on the market today incorporated into various manufacturing processes emitting noxious chemicals that off-gas and concentrate into the air affecting and contributing to unhealthy environments and health concerns.

PCP is active in bringing awareness to our customers of these harmful air pollutants that can significantly impact indoor air quality. Our team understands how important this disclosure is to the well-being of our customers and we hope this information can help with your coating preferred choices.

Nowadays, many painting industry aware companies have taken measures to comply with and/or have volunteered naturally to produce friendly products of their own cognition. The painting industry has evolved into wide-spread production of purposeful development of VOC friendly products and a majority of the market now offers inclusive Low VOC products. We champion all efforts on this front.

When estimates are performed, there is either an overage supply amount automactically calculated into the estimate or a separate stated provision declaring extra paint or stain materials to be provided to the Home Owner for on-going maintenance.

This provision is called Attic Stock which takes into consideration that a purposeful supply beyond the initial project supply be furnished towards future home upkeep and to also ensure that future matching and product type can be attained for re-supply replacement needs.

Estimators customarily allow for initial left over supply amounts to furnish their customers. However, a Owner may request as much additional material as desired to be included within the estimate quote whereby costs will be reflected in the final project stated contract.

Both indoor and outdoor substrates can be targeted and optimized for particular protection features prior to final surface coatings. Various kinds of pre-treatment measures needed for different substrate surfaces are mainly due to the material involved and adherence parameters. For example, wood surfaces will require different treatment needs than vinyl, latex, and acrylic. Also, home surface restorations and new home surfaces have their differing needs too.

Paint Treatments Colorado

Whether the surface type requires washes, primers, preservatives, etc., there are various solutions to address pre-treatment needs. Mainly, surface treatments are used to clean, protect, extend, and preserve surface life to mitigate and reduce damages occurring from indoor and outdoor environmental changes or events. Fortunately, many products on the market today include pre-treatment features within them helping to reduce cost and labor. Preserving your home asset is vital!

The most popular needs and reasons for taking measures in addressing pre-treatment of surfaces are: boring insects such as termites and beetles; moisture forming by condensation, leaks, and humidity manifesting fungi, mildew, and mold; sun exposure of ultraviolet rays contributing to surface deterioration and dis-coloration; temperature fluxes affecting structural surface contracting and expanding, etc.

PCP has over 2 decades of experience dealing with a wide variety of substrates and protecting their surfaces for arising conditions. Whether it be a Log Home or Conventional Frame Home, we have you covered!

Chinking is a method of sealing gaps and joints of a log home or cabin in the adjoining areas where the logs meet one another. Depending on the age of the timber build, different materials may be used.

Older log cabins usually contain the mortar (cement) type chink material while newer log homes generally use the flexible acrylic materials. However, older cabins can be re-chinked completely to be replaced with modern acrylic materials allowing for cabin restore preservation.

When aged mortar is irretrievably compromised, it will be considered for replacement due to integrity reasons such as the mortar has greatly deteriorated and/or it has contributed immensely to wet logging causing log rot resulting for the need of affected log replacements. Additionally, the log home or cabin's insulating properties have become inefficient or a need exists to address extra tight sealing due to expansion and contracting issues.

Log Home & CabinChinking Colorado

Prior to the chinking process, a meticulous examination of the Log Home or Cabin will be conducted and noted for all imperfections to be addressed which also includes looking for horizontal cracks/splitting (checks) within the logs themselves for fill caulking. The gap sizings and linear feet will also be measured to aid in arrival of material cost.

Generally, chinking is re-applied every 5-10 years depending on the log home or cabin location, outdoor exposure elements, building settling factors, aging, wear and tear, stability, etc. The process involves manual application of materials using various hand aided tools along with additional materials of foam, rubber, or other to apply as insulated backing support prior to the chinking/caulking process.

Chinking is an Art in itself. It requires a steady hand in applying, patience in detailing, shaping, and contouring while achieving evenness and sharp lines for aesthetics, application considerations for surface types and temperatures, choosing to chink or caulk for gap sizings, color selections, brand choices, etc.

PCP specializes in chinking and maintenance of Log Homes & Cabins. We recommend semi-annual seasonal checks of the interior and exterior of homes to stay proactive with preventative maintenance. We have the expertise and extensive experience in early detection procedures with our evolved comprehensive checklist for addressing arising and existing timber log conditions in Colorado.

For residential homes, interior and exterior coating materials are referred to as Architectural Coatings belonging to the paint family consisting of paints, stains, primers, varnishes, sealants, and clear coats.

The various different paints are categorized by their indoor or outdoor substrate structural application uses. Paints for Conventional Frame Houses are referred to as opaque pigment based paints such as latex, acrylic, enamel, etc. Paints for Timber Log Homes are referred to as dye and pigment based paints such as stains and varnishes.

Log Home Chinking Colorado

Paint varieties have differing specifications involved depending on the interior or exterior substrate material to be coated such as drywall, plaster, tile, brick, vinyl, stucco, cement, plywood, composite woods, soft woods, hard woods, etc. Additionally, each variety of paint also has differences in additional features and particular ingredients within that enables its performance on various substrates.

These differences can be water based verses oil based, the kinds of added pigments such as natural, synthetic, organic, and inorganic affecting color and transparency, types of binders affecting adherence to specific substrates, additives to enhance protective qualities to guard against surface defecting such as UV resistance, water proofing, etc.

Also, selecting paint coating types also warrants consideration to any previous coatings types that were applied on the substrate as this will impact the paint choice for interaction along with surface preparations and/or pre-treatments.

There is complexity when it comes to painting ingredients and paint choice selecting. PCP is expertly qualified to consult and inform about these concerns, discuss options, and provide specific recommendations for various residential home types.

All paint companies must meet the general guidelines for operating their business within their designated State. In Colorado, painter requirements include; registration proof of valid business operator, liability insured, and specific locale taxation registrations to conduct business.

Aside from State specified requirements, other considerations are just as important. Our checklist of what we believe are mandatory starting points in selecting a Painting Services entails:

  • Existence Proof; valid biz register certificate, legitimate insurance proof, official website, customer references
  • Reliable; always available to connect with, responsive, dependable attendance, dependable team
  • Experienced; irrefutable painting industry work history and knowledge
  • Professional; conducts onsite estimates, project plans and manages
  • Prioritizes; understands priority tasking, regards project timeline, keeps needs of customer forefront
  • Informative; explains all aspects of services in detail, diligently apprises of issues of matter, notifies of changes affecting estimate
  • Supportive; provides continued consultation and guidance thru project duration, offers consult availability thereafter

Our best suggestion to affirm these qualities or to attain your specific required qualifications for a painting service company is to simply interview the service personnel when they arrive to perform an on-site estimate. This initial meeting will help both parties to have a formal introduction and to determine if there is a compatibility fit and mutual agreement to proceed with providing services.

The outlined PCP guidelines above are a natural part of Our Team's conduct with customers. Please feel free to ask us any questions or request any information. Thank You for your project consideration!

PSI is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 dedicated to the initiative of Product Stewardship. The proactive institute advocates for producer responsibility throughout a product's life cycle toward enacting policy and programs for the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) initiative nationwide. Additionally, PSI has furthered its reach by connecting with worldwide partners to bring enhanced awareness on the global front.

PSI recognized the need for a U.S. organization to be involved in EPR efforts and through the contribution of their developed Principles of Product Stewardship, they have helped producers of consumer products address sustainable environment, sustainable products, product accountability, preventative measures, participation incentives, increased awareness through program advocation, and address post-consumer issues for health, safety, and environmental concerns.

Residential Painting Services ColoradoSince PSI collaborated with paint manufacturers and the American Coatings Association (ACA) to develop a model for industry-led paint stewardship, the ACA launched PaintCare to operate its statewide stewardship programs. PaintCare has been operating in Colorado since 2015. PaintCare partners with paint and hardware retailers, reuse stores, government run waste facilities, and recycling centers to provide convenient opportunities for Coloradans to get their leftover paint recycled, reused, and put to other beneficial uses.

Please watch the PaintCare video below to learn more about how you can be involved with this program and contribute as a Coloradan Paint Steward. Let us know if we can help!   Visit PaintCare Program »

Established regulated policies for consumer products supported by producers has made a noticeable impact difference and is receiving continued recognition throughout the United States with current participation of 31 States. Producers are acknowledging consumers need and want for sustainable participation and they are actively evolving their business models to encompass sustainable practices.

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“We had a very good experience working with Chris and his team. We appreciated that they were kind to our needs and always kept us informed. They did a super job painting our home! We are pleased that we followed up on our neighbor's referral, these guys knew what they were doing!” —Karin, Salida Colorado

Colorado Home Painters Colorado Home Stainers

“Maintenance on our log home was overdue. The work Pro Custom Painters did staining and rechinking our home turned out quite nice. They were generous with their time and left our property in good condition. Thank you all for your great work!” —James, Fairplay Colorado

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